Mongoose News - JTAS II Kickstarter Ends Sunday 3pm UTC


Staff member
The Kickstarter for the new set of Journals of the Travellers' Aid Society ends this Sunday at 3pm UTC, and we have had a lot of stretch goals unlocked!

If you pledge now, you will receive:

* Three Journals in a Slipcase
* Another three Journals unlocked by stretch goals
* A Travellers' Aid Society cloth path to show your membership
* An invitation to playtest the new Pioneer RPG next year

And if you pledge at the premium level, you will also receive a Starport Guide to the Spinward Marches.

Right now we are closing on a stretch goal that will grant increased bonuses to the creatives behind Traveller, so swing by, have a look at the previews we have been posting and see what all the fuss is about!