Mongoose News - 2300AD Core Box Set Now in Stock!


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Good news for those wanting to reach for the stars - the 2300AD core box set is now in stock and shipping!

Three hundred years from now, humanity is claiming worlds far from Earth. Despite nearly destroying itself in the Twilight War, despite all the wars since, humanity has held on and kept its dream alive. 2300AD is the story of that dream, as humanity reaches for the stars.

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The 2300AD box set contains:

Book 1 Characters & Equipment: Everything you need to create explorers, company agents, military personnel, merchants and other inhabitants of 2300AD. This book also contains a comprehensive equipment guide, personal augmentations, and a selection of robots and drones commonly used in space and on colony worlds.

Book 2 The Worlds of 2300AD: An exploration of the universe of 2300AD, from the Core worlds to the furthest colonies. You will learn about the aliens and animals that inhabit them, how humanity has adapted to living on their surfaces, and the most hostile of environmental threats to be found beyond the Earth.

Book 3 Vehicles & Spacecraft: A full guide to operating and fighting in spacecraft and vehicles, from humble dirt bikes to powerful spacegoing frigates. There is also a glimpse at the alien spacecraft that have been encountered thus far by humanity.

Starchart of Known Space: A massive poster map depicting every star system known to humanity and the routes starships take to each.


In two places that I’ve found (one in the alternative Benefits section and one in a ship plan) I’ve seen reference to a lander with the designation SLV-50. However, in the core set, I can only find stats for the SLV-55 Cutter. Where can I find the stats for the SLV-50?


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Is the 2300AD box set still in the process of being shipped? No sign of mine yet, my preorder is still marked as unfulfilled, and the ~OP here is three weeks ago.


Wondering if I'm in the same situation as Yatima above – preorder marked as unfulfilled, and no box set in sight. I'm located in Italy though: maybe shipping to the continent is still ongoing?