MMWG: Where's the Party?


My attention has turned to the need for encounter tables for my MMWG game, and this means that I'll need some rival parties for the PCs to encounter. I'd be interested in any descriptions of MMWG parties, either PC parties or NPC parties, that people can come up with. I don't need complete stats, but I need names and classes and other relevant information.

As an example, I quickly drew up a party based on the popular TV show and movie, _Charlie's Angels_

Charlie’s Angels
For 101 years, billionaire “Charlie” has sought out the three most talented and beautiful women to work for him as his “Angels”. Always one to break stereotypes and provide opportunities for advancement, his newest team consists of a human, a batwing, and azagoth.

Sabrina Azagoth

She’s only 14 years old, and does not look a day over 12 ½. Still, she is unarguably the most intelligent member of the team. If she could feel any emotion, she would be thrilled to be on the team; it was always her goal to be a world-traveling detective. It would really be thrilling to be one of the first members of a new species to walk the earth, if one were of a species that could actually be thrilled. She would make cynical comments on the human condition but, honestly, since 1966 when Star Trek debuted, that has really been done to death.

Base class: Wise Woman (smart heroine);
Advanced classes: Detective

Veronica Vesper

A bat winged bimbo once was sunbathing outside a library when curiosity overwhelmed her, and she went inside. There, “Charlie” saw her reading a Nancy Drew mystery, and asked her to join the team.

She hatched in 2052 from an egg in a Texan tycoon’s collection. He raised her as a daughter until social pressure forced him to turn our out of his mansion. Eventually she made her way across the Louisiana sea, through the Midwest, and over the Rocky Mountains to California. Despite being taken advantage of by all kinds of rogues, con men and swindlers, she retains her indomitable spirit and love for small children.

Besides being the team babe, she is also the team rogue, responsible for breaking and entering.

Base class: Babe (charismatic heroine)
Advanced classes: Maverick

Madison Monroe

Madison Monroe is a direct descendant of original team member Jill Monroe. Born in 2061 to a teenage mother, she made a living selling polished rocks to tourists, until she made enough money to go to the police academy. After a rough, mahem-filled training, she graduated and was soon hired by “Charlie” to fill out his team.

Madison is the opposite of her grandmother’s grandmother. Her hard life on the Los Diabalos streets have given her a mean and apathetic cynical streak. Her attitude is that she’s had a hard life, so why shouldn’t everybody else.

Base class: Iron lady (tough heroine)
Advanced classes: Assassin, Dominitrix, High Priestess, Police Woman

If I get time, maybe I'll put up more parties.
Actually, I want to apologize for Madison Monroe. I love the name and the idea of her being the great-great granddaughter of Jill Monroe, but after I posted that, I realized that I have two apathetic members on this team. The azagoth has to be apathetic, because I'm writing the azagoth up as a race that has no emotions. So I need to determine a different personality for Madison.
On one of the other threads, I created the Extreme Voluptuousness disadvantage, in which the character has such extreme voluptuousness that it causes her clothing to be come strained and stretched and may even fall off if it is not well enough put together. That seems to fit.

Barbarella would obviously be a Babe (a charismatic heroine). I'm sure d20 Future has something suitable for an occupation or advanced class. On the other hand, maybe she just went straight Babe.
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