The May/June 2023 issue of Freelance Traveller is Posted for Download!


Cosmic Mongoose
This issue's featured article is Frank Miskevich's "An Exploration of Space Probes". Frank provides an overview of various types of probes and what they can do, and stats out (and prices) a few variants. We also have a translated article from Vuelo Raso on creating encounters that can be used to give your universe a more in-depth feeling, and provide hooks to hang future encounters or future adventuring directions on.
The rest of this issue is the usual eclectic mix of adventures, rules, reviews, interviews, stories, and so on, providing something for (hopefully) everyone.

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We are sad to note the passing of Keith Frye, originator of TravellerCON/USA and half of the team that has put it together for many years. His wife, Megan, is going forward with TravellerCON/USA this year; the kickstarter is expected to go live during May, and we encourage you to participate if you can, and support it if you can't.

Independence Games has joined with several other publishers of Traveller-compatible material to put together the Keith Frye Memorial Bundle at DriveThruRPG. All proceeds from sales of this bundle will go to Megan Frye to defray the costs incurred as a result of Keith's battle with cancer and his subsequent passing.