MMWG vs D20


I'm thinking of running a Macho Women with Guns game in March. So far, the only d20 games I've run have been Dungeons and Dragons.

How different is D20 Modern/Macho Women with Guns from the 3.5 D&D ruleset? What kind of things should I watch for as I make the transition?

(I'm not sure if I'm actually going to do this thing or not. I have some time to think about it.)
You really need D20 Modern to run MWWGs, however D&D will do. Basically its D20 with a couple of fun extras. What other game would let you have a feat like blow your way to the top!
I've decided that I can probably make peace with D20 Modern by firstly renaming all the base classes. Instead of starting out as a Strong Heroine, Fast Heroine, Tough Heroine, Smart Heroine, Dedicated Heroine, or Charismatic Heroine, a MMWG character would start out as an Amazon, a Dancer, an Iron Maiden, a Wise Woman, an Angel, or a Babe. Purely semantic, but I like it much better.

Then I can make all the D&D classes into Advanced classes. All I have to decide is how many defense points to give everybody.

For wealth, it would probably be better to go with tracking individual accounts, because of the collapse of society eliminating most of the credit and investment tools that motivated creating the Wealth system. I can probably use local Wealth ratings when the heroines are in areas like MATO where such tools would be appropriate.

One thing that bothers me is that all the base classes give 5 action points per level, and all the advanced classes give 6 action points per level. This seems to penalize anybody who does not enter an advanced class as soon as possible, even if it is just a temporary measure before qualifying for the advanced class the person really wants.
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I'm not talking about creating occupations. I'm talking about taking all the 36 classes that that other game company has already made and just porting them over to the MMWG world. I just have to assign Defense points.

There are a few classes from Deadlands D20 that would fit too. MMWG has Texas, right? They have to have the Texas Rangers.

(I will have to make a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader class too. They have a very important role to play in the defense of the Lone Star Republic.)

(I'll leave the answer of just what that role is to your imaginations 8) )

Actually, I do not like the Occupation concept from d20 Modern. I guess I'm stuck with it, but I much prefer classes. And it is so easy too. All I have to do is get someone to translate class names to Japanese and Voila!, Japanese-themed classes. For the Daring Rogue, I can just take the Maverick from Deadlands, and rename it.

I guess I do need to make up some good male occupations, though, like Hairdresser, Redneck Beer Drinker, and Twirpy Gaming Geek.
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