Missiles and turrets


Banded Mongoose
If a ship has three triple missile turrets and launches nine missiles, three from each in a round do you make one attack with the effect telling you how many of the nine hit or make three separate attacks?
That would depend on whether you configured that as one or three salvos.

If it's from the same turret, it becomes an add on for one salvo.
All 9 missiles are a single attack.

pg. 172 of updated 2e rules: "Missiles are launched in salvos. A salvo is all the missiles launched by a ship against a single target in the same combat round. This could be a single missile from a single turret, three from a triple turret with three missile racks or dozens from multiple turrets or bays "
Excellent. Thank you. I’m using the 2e rules but I do own the update pdf. I’ll look at that again.