this may have been posted sooo many times before, nevertheless, taking my risk, i dare: darklords miniatures? Is this dream anytime soon to be realized?
and all the other ones? (special characters, warrior classes, and so on...)
I'd love to see more miniatures in the LW range, either new ones based on classes from MoM, or varients on the ones already available ( such as several different Knights of the Realm, so you can pick the one that most closely represents your character. And yes, before anyone says, anything I realise this might not be financially practicle, I'm just talking ideal situation here.)
And I'd also love to see Darklords in miniature form.
I would likewise like to see the Darklords, as well as the rest of heroes and villains of Magnamund. The great baddies--Agarash, Tagazin, Ixiataaga, Shasarak, Gashgiss....
That's just what he wants you to think. Keep on believing, because Magnamund will never see it coming....
You are SO mean! I nearly fell off my chair laughing, it would definitely be cool to play a noodnic (August if you're reading this, hint hint) I think I'll start growing whiskers today, magnamund would NEVER see it coming, especially as not even the Durenese have ever spoken to a noodnic
No, thoze Dureneeze man-manz will never seez it coming....

Sorry, my vilification of Noodnics is somewhat known over on Project Aon. Gashgiss the Dark, Underlord of Durenor.
hehehehe kinda suits them though, i explain drakkarim to friends as similar to dark elves from warhammer. i'd probably describe noodnics as friendly skaven
yeah, just sad that i have to explain what everything is, Alyss is an "angel" apparently :? i wish more of my pc's would take up an interest in the text of what they're playing
Have you offered? I mean, it doesn't take long to finish Flight from the Dark, and most people I've put on that have been hooked to the end.
i've offered but noone seems to care that much, they do decent roleplaying regardless but it get's frustrating when i forget to explain things and someone asks a question like "so who's this 'naar' chap again?" (normally only newby players, its a good rpg to draw masses in, particularly as i run it heroically, allowing them to be paradigms amongst commoners, as it should be)
In my experience, the easiest way to get that moving is to offere them XP for finishing books. They're available on Project Aon, so it's not like they can't go do this easily, and they don't take long to finish. Just pick a set amount of XP per book, and tell them to have at it. Usually that's sufficient.
hmmm tempting, im trying to remove xp from my games tho, im currently trying a "sengoku" style lvl up system for my darklands campaign, were the characters and i create goals and they level up when they achieve a certain amount, this way more actual roleplaying is achieved