Miniatures or Counters

Counters or Minis. What do you use?

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  • I mix: Mostly Counters but some Minis as well

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  • I mix: Mostly Minis but some Counters as well

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I was wondering what you guys use mostly in your ACTA games. More counters, more minis or a mix of both?
Pretty much Minis...though I'm certainly not against the use of counters...I just think the minis look so much better...
I'm 50-50 split.

I use the counters for bigger games, when I'm trying to decide which ships to get, and when playing a fleet that is not my own.
When I couldn't afford Mini's, counters.
When I could afford Mini's, Mini's. There's something that just...BOLSTERS your confidence when you have Mini's and the other player doesn't.
I only ever use my FA scale minis, but I will vote and petition every time for the inclusion and allowance for counters to be used.

Shadow Queen said:
Counters seam like a smaller target to hit and they have advantage since you have a bigger ship
Only the centre point or stem counts, regardless of the counter or mini size. So there's no advantage, other than the smaller your representation (be it counter or mini) the less inconvenience in placing them.

I prefer mini's but lack cash.

*currently cutting up an old cereal box for Dilgar counters*

At the first opportunity I'm getting that fleet box though.
We use Mini's. and use them where we can. But saying that, I do allow card counters for Auxilary craft, or the odd item on the board.
my friends and I simply play with counters, that was one of the best things of the game you didn't have to spend lots of hard earned cash on minatures. Yes teh minatures are good but we only generally play once or tops twice a week so I think we will stick to counters.
Currently I am just using counters as my first miniature order has yet to arrive.

Being an older (59years old) long time game player there is just a greater satisfaction for me in using miniatures. I love the heft of the figure and the satisfaction of a fellow gamer(s) expression of pleasure in seeing a well constructed/modified/assembled/painted figure being used.

As a former Outrider for GW (over 10 years) I can guarantee you will generate far more interest in a game using well painted figures in demonstrating the game. I eventually tired of GW's marketing policies and ceased being an Outrider.

I love all of the products in the Mongoose lineup that I have checked out. I look forward to having at least two of every B5 ACTA figure in my collection. I also look forward to War Without End when it goes into release.