Miniatures in Hell


Greetings all:

I am very insistent about using miniatures in Games I GM. Primarily, I like to know where everyone is in the party when a trap is sprung, or an ambush goes off, or whatever else occurs. I also think using miniatures allows the party members a better feel for "being" in the game, then just verbalizing a series of events and encounters.

In case anyone is ever thinking of doing an Infernum Campaign, loves using miniatures in games they run, but is a little put off about acquiring a set of "Demons" allow me to offer the following suggestions:

There are some really nice metal 25MM figures in numerous productions that can be used, but at $5 or more a miniature, this can get really expensive. There is a cheaper, and just as good recourse to use.

Immediately acquire all the old Mage-knight, DC, and MArvel hero-click figures you can beg, buy, borrow, or steal from your fiends. Many of these can be used for various demons. Trolls and the like make great Hulks. Wings can be cut off (from gargoyles or manticore figures) and epoxed back on to other figures to make Fiends or Malcubi.

Many of the common knight figures can be used for Deceivers or Beasts, and any small figure (Dwarves or similiar) can easily make Artificers.

So far I've only acquired one worthwhile Slaver figure.

Imps and Stalkers are the hard ones to find. At least in the Mage-knight ranges. Fortuneately I appropriated some metal D&D figures my son had to make worthwhile Imps, through they lake the impressive spikes shown in the illustrations. For a Stalker, I'm using a reptile figure, at least till I can find or make something better.

The Sislith figure (from MK) are going to be riding spawn.

Various Golem figures will make dynamite CAtaphractic machines...

And a number of Mage Knight figures can be used for Mortals, Knights of the Harrowing, Faustians, etc.

I haven't really made house specific miniatures just yet, but if the parties survive to a high enough level, that might happen

But I'm really proud of this one female figure I decided to convert, a malcubi succubi. It is that of a Mage Knight Mending Priestess. I cut off all her armor, then cut a wide gap in her dress, from the ground up her left leg, to her belt. I also carefully expanded her dress around her breasts, so now it curves under and around, instead of over, and lastly, I cut off some horns from a reindeer figure I had and put them on her head.

...and when the party(s) encounter her, they can say "Nice Rack"


Thanks for the post. I just recently (as in Monday) picked up Infernum Vol. I-III.

Like you, I love using minis for RPGs. Thank you for the suggestions.