Mind Vaults & the Bureau of Telepathic Integration

Mongoose Si

Having finally decided to set my campaing in the Crusade timeline, a question occured to me (and to one of my players) regarding the new Bureau of Telepathic Integration and Mind Vaults.

During the 6 monthly inspections by Mr Jones, they scan a telepath to see if they have misused their abilities. However, what's to stop the telepath creating a memory vault when he misuses an ability? He could even destroy the vault, and therefore the memory allowing himself to bascally use any ability without fear of being detected during the inspection.

Is there any residual trace of the erased vault which maybe Mr Jones can detect? Perhaps they should get some kind of bonus to detect vaults since this seems to be a flaw in the system?

Mongoose Gar

I'd actually leave that flaw in the system. The whole Mr. Jones thing was probably thrown together fairly quickly after the fall of the Psi Corps, and all the problems haven't been worked out. Presumably, the Joneses might do a bit of detective work if they suspect deceit on the part of the telepath, but I wouldn't give them any special powers to deal with memory vaults, at least not immediately.


Or conversely...you could have the teeps been installed with a vault/eavesdrop suggestion that ONLY the Mr.Jones' can access, back when they were being "trained", that downloads everything for later review.

Or maybe...just one of them does...




Then there's the other/same problem. Anyone who trained as a Bloodhound and had learnt the memory erasure ability.