Minbari ships and gravity


I noticed in the Minbari Federation Factbook that several ships do not have the Aritificail Gravity SQ. These ships include the following classes: Tigara attack cruiser; Tinashi frigate; Torogath assault frigate; and the White Star. Now the series shows that the White Star does have Artificial Gravity, and I believe the exclusion of the SQ from all of the above listed ships to be an error.
I also believe that some of the Minbari ships should be faster. the Torogath is said to be the fastest ship in the Minbari fleet, yet it has the same acc and dec as the Tinashi and many other ships. The White Star also has an Acc of 4 and Dec of 4, when it was the only ship to be able to escape the destruction of opening a Jump Point inside of an active Jump Gate precisely because of it's great speed. Why aren't these ships faster?