Might of Magnamund index….



This is my oppinion:

1. War in Magnamund (introduction, brief history of main battles and wars ….)
2. Magnamund armies: types of troops, tactics, and combat movement values, like in Conan The Free Companies supplement…)
- Sommerlund and Durenor
- The Darklands
- Vasagonia
- Other…
3. Magnamund narrative battle system
4. Magnamund main battles scenarios
5. Magnamund men of war (Captain D´val, Lord Axim, other…)

If it helps…. What do you think about it? Has August any preview?
that would be VERY good particularly for my darkside campaign which may end in the drakkarim declaring war on both Zagarna and Ulnar.
I've always seen the Basic Sommerlund Man at Arms as a skirmisher personally, when they can help it atleast, until they mass together in sheer numbers with the grand leadership of a Sommlending Knight
Yeah, warrior classes are a MUST, to balance out all those spellcaster classes we got in Magic of Magnamund. The Warriors are outnumbered 10 to 1!!
And hopefully those new warrior classes will give enough variety to fill the niches some of us are looking for in our campaigns.
I think a set of warrior classes akin to the magic-using classes from Magic are all the game needs to be perfect. :D
I think you're a bit off there, since the game lacks very heavily in rogue classes. It needs a lot more character types which are neither brawn nor arcane, whose abilities aren't all about combat or magic.
DuskFox said:
I think you're a bit off there, since the game lacks very heavily in rogue classes. It needs a lot more character types which are neither brawn nor arcane, whose abilities aren't all about combat or magic.

they will come out in the next still not announced Miscellaneous of Magnamund book :lol:
I would include some information about elite forces, like the Royal Guard, Kirlundin marines…. and Giak paratroopers¡¡
Some thoughts that could be reflected in Might of Magnamund:

Sommerlund and Durenor: feudal armies, slow and not professional, mainly militia, with a few impressive captains.

The Darklands: professional armies, with elite corps and specially designed troops, and blitzkrieg tactics.

Results: if Lone Wolf wouldn´t have arrived on time…. Total Darklands victory, I suppose. What do you think?
I actually like your thinking there, Arathar. I'm going to say that Sommerlund at least had a fairly organized militia, and probably a moderate standing army--they were, after all, under constant threat of attack by the Darklands, and at the very least each village would have been prepared for heavy raids and rallied by the local baron or knight of the realm. Durenor was probably a bit more lax, since they had the buffer of Sommerlund between them. Even so, the Darklands are like one big standing army, set as a major aggressive offensive force pointed southward. Add to that the fact that they had a few slave races bred specifically for war, and it's kind of scary how much more powerful they seem. Perhaps it was all the infighting amongst Darklords that really kept Sommerlund afloat, which is why things got so bad when Gnaag became Archlord.
From what I can recall of The Magnamund Companion ( I really will have to dig that out sometime), Sommerlund has a small, highly trained, highly motivated, well equipped standing army. The impression I got was that there primary job, should the Darklords invade, was not to stop the attack, but rather to act as 'speed-bumps', slowing the invaders to give the various Barons enough time to marshall their forces. The battle at the bridge in FFTD is an example of this.
The MC also points out that all Sommerlending are given training in weaponry from the age of seven. In the RPG all Sommerlending are proficient with the longbow and one-handed weapons, but I don't feel this goes far enough. I'd suggest that at least 10% of the general population (i.e. Commoners) also have one level of Warrior. This could go up to 15 or even 20% in cities (more training facilities) and near the border with the Darklands. This would give the country the backbone of an effective militia.
im pretty sure everyone above the age of seven in sommerlund has martial training, to defend against the machinations of naar better, so effectively every peasant is a man at arms
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