MI are we overpowered?

perhaps with the new rules we will see changes. But here goes. I think the MI are waaaay to over powered. Its almost boring in some ways. Perhaps the bugs should always have the unending tide rule?

You say You are loosing with MI's? They are not too powerful. Try the skinnies - that's an inbalanced army. Try new tactics/units. I've played against a good Bug player and I lost becouse he knew how to use his units.

Maybe You saw it, but still...
What makes them too overpowering for you? When I was having trouble against MI it turned out it was because the other guy didn't fully understand the rules and was sorta cheating.
We've been playing a year and the better players always win regardless of what side they play. We've got every option available though, I've said it before, it's a lot harder (more expensive) to have a balanced bug force. E.g. To play an 'infantry' heavy large numbers force you need lots of warriors, to play a tank army, you need tankers, to play a shooting army you need plasmas and to play an aerial army you need hoppers and ripplers. For MI to be a shooting army, they need to put extra javelins in, to be an aerial army, you just buy everyone a capsule. You can upgrade to trench sweepers without altering models, you can give everyone a d10 attack by buying frag. The bugs don't have this luxury, you need different models to change the role of a force. When you've got them available, you can take on anything though.
Think about it, how many bug players have the luxury of 3 plasmas, 3 tankers a king and thorny tankers, 50 hoppers etc...... We set up armies as a group and we have got the resources. We find the game balanced because of it.
My favourite force is 100 workers and warriors, 2 brains and 8 hoppers. Absolutely lethal, go on attack and ignore the warrior casualties. If a unit of 10 can take out 3 cap troopers they are ahead on points :)
I don't think the MI are overpowered, but they are certainly a cheaper army to 'power up' and customise.

I think more upgrades for the warriors is what's needed, maybe specialist models that join the unit and pass on an ability? So you only need to buy one model to upgrade a unit. As it stands, the arachnids are always going to be expensive to buy. That means you compromise on what you get. Lots of warriors is a must, but a lot of players ditch them in favour of a tanker (due to the financial cost, not the points).
But honestly, a bug army with a lot of warriors and good use of tunnels is devastating. I usualy go workers and warriors, even if you lose most of them on the way, it only takes a couple to devastate an MI unit. And even the cheapest warrior has a D10 attack.
I also find winning with bugs a lot more satisfying.

Anyway, every group has it's complaints about over powered armies, it tends to be because a) a rule is being misunderstood or abused.
b) one player is just better than the rest and happens to use that army.
c) One player understands the rules better or has a better army because he's spent more

Another important factor in SST is the set up and tactics side of things, one mistake there can lost the game for you (our last game when my opponent selected second turn even though I had 3 plasma bugs... that was a brief game).
As for skinnies, yes they are tough, but really expensive, just fling warriors at them to keep them busy, then hopper the character models. Playing bugs is all about having so much cheap rubbish that it's not even worth him wasting the ammo :)
MI overpowered? Where?
Granted, we hold the upper hand as long as we can keep the enemies on distance and get rid of plasma bugs quickly. But as soon as the bugs close in (and that's not all that difficult, especially with a little cover and a brain), then things simply lok very bad - in many a game I've managed to massacre a bug swarm, only to get half the army butchered just because a five-strong warrior unit with a couple of firefries got to my line.

And as JoseDominguez said, MI are much cheaper to customise and change the list. That makes playing them less predictable and somewhat more challenging for the opponents.
play with only one reaction per enemy turn and youll notice a differnce! when an enemy unit moves within reaction range the other player can choose to use its one reaction or hold and use it when another unit makes a move into reaction range . it adds more stragey and makes bugs more dangerous!! give it a try . i played like this in iraq by accident because we were so anious to get in and play we rip into the box and just start plying . give it a whirl!!
I don't think the MI are over powered at all really, as long as your using your tunneling assets properly , remembering that the rules let you bring in reinforcements FROM ANY OF YOUR TABLE EDGES, and understand that a tanker can bring down almost any building in one turn (Killing all the stupid MI around it).
Victory (When I play at least) comes more from finding a new gimick that the rules allow, or knowing your victory condition and sticking with it.
Endless tide is a massive advantage over the MI, remember 2 MI are worth 10 Warrior bugs, and every MI killed makes massivly reduces the armys effectivness.

This one reaction thing might work... Im gonna wait till I've seen the new rules, but Im kinda worried that its just gonna stip the game of all the depth and replay value, turning it into 40k with a free overwatch each turn :|

~Ah on the subject of more Warrior Bugs (Im sure Im not the only person who does this, its just people are to polite to say) you dont need to actually buy more Warrior bugs to field more! You just need to be a bit clever on the old deployments neh?
It all balances out. Even though the MI can easily upgrade and are a strong defensive, shooting army, the bugs can tunnel, shoot a plasma, tunnel moving tanks under the MI, have many more psycic abilities, and usually always outnumber the MI. Unless you play LAMI, you are almost always outnumbered by bugs as MI. Skinnies are the real unbalanced army in this game. There is no real disadvantage to playing skinnies.
Yup, ripplers tear them up by staying airborne and just straffing. MI air assets cripple them.
PLus, lots of small bug units as tunneling markers moving at 5" that way he never knows which will be tanker.
Silly models is not what I was talking about. Skinnies are broken and tactically sound, a great combination.
MaxSteiner said:
Endless tide is a massive advantage over the MI, remember 2 MI are worth 10 Warrior bugs
Surely You mean Bigfoot/Nighthawk Marauders in this sentence? 1 CAP trooper = 2,5 LAMI troopers = 1 endless tide warrior...

And endless tide alone won't win any scenario, several times have seen as it has just easily bumped up my VPs as supportless warriors just got butchered on approach, lacking a chance to really hurt the MI.
Aha forgot about the extra 10 points and I meant 5 :oops: (Although once you've added grenades and wasp packs/lizrd lines they are about the same)
1 MI w/ misc equip= 55/
2 such MI = 110 points
5 bugs w/endless tide= 125.

Either way, Im not saying its a game winner, I was saying its a massive advantage, in that Bug player is able to swarm victory locations without to much concern about troop losses, especially if you have the right victory condition. As for the VP, 2 whole turns without MI on the board as you swarm everything on the table to his edge tend to settle that :D
That's if trooper does get all those thingies. However... Lizards are imo completely redundant - why pay extra, when we already have the jumppacks? Air insertion has it's limits too, would rather deploy the squad via skyhook, bit more expensive, but at least will have 2 mobile twin-fifties and a big fire-magnet on table too.
So even with the WASP (debatable imo aswell, but that depends on player - am doing fine without but am sure many do great with them) we're talking 40 pts tops. And since You'll certainly want the re-roll to saves (carrion upgrade) it's 4:3 ratio.
All that assuming MI won't go LAMI heavy, then cost ratio goes as low as 1:3.
lizards are free in the MI army book (and pointless :) )

Endless tide is great when you are on annihilate and he's just trying to hold out. But if the roles are reversed, endless tide is just free points to the other side.
(great when you get points for kills but terrible when you lose points for losses.... we played a game where the bug player had lost so many points by turn three he realistically couldn't ever catch up: he'd lost more than the MI player had to kill).