Member #1000 Double Giveaway


Banded Mongoose
We are fast approaching our next milestone as a Facebook group over at Traveller RPG Headquarters: MEMBER #1000

To celebrate, we will be doing another double-winner gift bundle filled with goodies from some of the excellent Indie Publishers who have permanent quarters here and are kind enough to sponsor our prize giveaways.

Double Giveaway!
Our biggest, most valuable give-away yet!
Over $115 USD worth of prizes for 2 lucky winners!

For our next giveaway, we will be giving out 2 of these bundles; one to member #1000, the other to a member drawn randomly from our existing member base.

Here's what's in the prize bundle so far:

From CyborgPrime Publishing:
- Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 1: d66 Human Space Marines
- Humanoid Resources Dept. Vol 2: d66 Human Interstellar Merchants
- d66 What's Wrong with the Ship 6 Pack [BUNDLE v1-6]
- Random Modern Names 8 Pack [BUNDLE]
- Free Trader Deck Plans for VTT

From Stellagama Publishing:
- Cepheus Light: Traits
- Piracy and Privateering

From Gypsy Knight Games:
- Clement Sector: Core Rules
- Clement Sector: Core Setting
- Anderson & Felix Guide to Naval Architecture
- Unmerciful Frontier: The CCA Sourcebook

From Zozer Games:
- Hostile
- Alien Breeds

From Verdigris Press:
- MODES: Object Quality System

From Thornwood-Daarnulud LLC:
- Hardcover color premium HERALD Class Starships signed by the author

Traveller RPG Headquarters would like to thank all our members as well as our generous prize sponsors!

Happy 2019!

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