Save 20% On Deck Plans And Crew


Cosmic Mongoose
A ship and its crew are essential staples for any sci-fi RPG.

This month's special will get your game up and running fast!

Our Starship Deck Plans for Roll20 App, Foundry VTT, and other remote gaming virtual tabletop systems are on sale for 20% off for a limited time.

Pioneer-Class Scout Ship Deck Plans For VTT

Proprietor-Class Far Trader Deck Plans For VTT

Of course, you'll need a crew for that ship, so why not request some from the Humanoid Resources Department?

Humanoid Resources Dept V4: Interstellar Naval Personnel is on sale for 20% off for a limited time.

Save 20% On Starship Deck Plans And Pre-generated Crew

Detailed deck plans for your favorite VTT such as Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Fantasy Grounds. Helps visualize your ship - customize your ship by adding your own personal flair!

Detailed pre-rolled characters for use as NPCs or for new players or pick-up games.

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Hurry, offer expires 11-09-20