Mass combat



I was thinking; in many of the Conan novels and comics, mass combat is featured pretty prominantly. Has anyone given any thought as to whether you will include it in your game? And if so, what rules set will you use to run it? I'm not aware of any mass combat system put out by Mongoose (I haven't actually seen a copy of "The rookie's guide to Block Wars" yet, so I don't know if it's in there...).

I for one will likely use the "Fields of Blood" book due to be released shortly from Eden Studios. I suspect it'll be just the thing for Conan.

After all, border wars and roving armies are all part and parcel of the Hyborian age, aren't they?
Since Mongoose do actually have their own Open Mass Combat System as featured in Seas of Blood, Slaine, Rookies Guide to Block Wars, Quintessential Fighter and the new version II in Strongholds & Dynasties, I would expect they will use that.
Version one I found a little confusing, but that was mostly because I've gotton reliant on figures and its more descriptive in style, version II is apparantly more miniatures friendly, so I'll have to read through (when my friend who borrowed Strongholds & Dynasties returns it).
Are the mass combat rules found in Slaine going to be reprinted in the Conan rulebook? I realise that it's a little late to include them now if they haven't been, but I figured that with all the wars going on in the Hyborian world, it might make some sense to include them. And if not, is the classic book of Strongholds designed to be used with Conan, or is it geared towards more traditional fantasy games?
I haven't seen Slaine yet (duh), but for the most part Strongholds & Dynasties is generic and I don't see why it wouldn't apply to Conan.
We tried. We really, really tried to squeeze mass combat into Conan but, even after upping the book to 350-odd pages, we just could not squeeze them in!

All is not lost, however - these rules will appear either as a free download on the web site or in the pages of Signs & Portents (much like the rules for chariots in Conan in January's issue of S&P).
Can I get a copy of Signs and Portents at my FLGS? I've never looked for it before. If it's something that requires a year subscription, that would be a true loss as I wouldn't subscribe to the mag for this one bit of rules mechanics, although it's something I would like to have.
It should be available, if not just ask them to get a copy(ies) in from thier distributor.

If all else fails we do sell indivdual copies through our website.

Noreason you should not be able to hold of from your FLGS though.