Mass Combat


What are peoples feelings on mass combat ? Does the Free Companies or Conan Mass Combat system work better ?

Mad Dog
To be honest - I'm not using either.

Mass battles are pre-scripted to fit within the story lines I have in play,
& anything done by the players is not enough (at the moment anyway)
to change the overall outcome.

Basically I give them control over some small scale tactical decisions,
and of course...individual combats within the general maul of battle.

Player input in terms of a big battle is described differently by me based
on their small contributions, but within the winning, or loosing, team
framework that is pre-scripted.

Don't know if this helps, but I hope so.

I use the free downlaod for mass combat, with a heavy smattering of individual roleplay and a somewhat scripted conclusion to the battle. My mass comabt serves as a backdrop to the group's adventure, with their actions weaving in and out of the scripted combat.
We are coming to a certain point in our campaign, when mass combat is required. We are using the mass combat rules (downloadable pdf) with some modification. Though we try a small combat before to see how radically we have to modify the rules. I hope it works well...