With my books on order at my FLGS, I'm already chomping at the bit to revive my old Cham-Eclectic era Markab campaign. (Set on Minos-3, a trade station in orbit around the Markab homeworld in years before the Drafa Plague disaster. The idea of the trade station is that the Markab do not want their culture "corrupted" by "unclean" alien unbelievers. I've always loved the "Doomed" sort of Arthurian feeling that came with the knowledge by the players that everything in their campaign lives will come crashing down eventually in the as yet uncertain future. mwwah-ha-haaah!)

The one thing that is seriously missing, and this is just a BIT of a problem, is, well, THE MARKABS! sigh.
Hopefully they'll be covered in a future League book. But in the meantime I'm trying to off the cuff kit bash the 'Kabs myself. Assistance would be joyfully welcomed!

I see them as Dex:-1 Wis:+2 Cha:-1 They have a "Xenophobia" flaw which makes them "Suspicious" of off worlders and gives a -2 reaction to non-Markabs for social interactions. I'd give them a version of the syngergetic Drazi feat "Green or Purple", maybe calling it "One Heart, One Soul, One Faith"--based on the communality of belief among the Markabs. I'm looking over a bunch of Cleric/Monk feats as possible for the Markabs (minus "magic" of any kind). And I'll have to mine the Minbari Religious Caste info for applicable ideas, once I get that book. (argh!!!!)

Right now, too impatient to wait for books on order, I've been having fun with a bit of a prelude. Using bits from the previews and reviews and other OGL games, I've cobbled together just enough to run some "Worker" class adventures. Actually, this is going so well I might just continue with them and use the books to expand the scope of the currently limited game.
Lots of fun to be had with Workers though! I've got Minos corporate white collars trying to keep construction of the station on target and budget (despite sabotage from both Markab extremists who don't want a permanent alien presence, even in orbit, and Vree opperatives who would rather the Markabs stay insular and less involved in interstellar economics, where the Vree have their fingers deeply entwined...) I've got workers doing the loading and construction and trying to stave off a Thug's efforts to infiltrate and take over local union organization. There is a team of Firefighters/rescue workers/HazMat folks who have to contain and repair the damage from the sabotage. Meanwhile a PC Teacher is walking the tightrope of providing technical education to very, very touchy and conservative Markabs. (Player is actually a teacher in real life and deeply relates to the whole explosive curriculum issue thingie!). And finally, there's the Thugs who are trying to take over the unions and generally build up a criminal empire while fending off competitors.

Lots of fun! That's without a single PPG to be found and precious little in the way of ships or other chrome.
SheliakBob said:
I see them as Dex:-1 Wis:+2 Cha:-1 They have a

But Markab stats ARE in the the base "Signs and Portents" book

No stat bonus/penalty and Iron Will for free. Worker is the favored class.

Well. Now. That does make things a tad easier, doesn't it!
Bugger all. Ought to wait for the book thingies before I starts this stuff, I should. sigh. :oops:
Don't worry, excitment is good! I liked the Markab episode myself, and with no penalites and Iron will, would make a potent Telepath. I've been drawing up one of my own. A survivor by pure accident serving on a long space flight. :)