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Hi All,
My first post here. I just wanted to share some of the deckplans I've been designing or modifying.
I generally use Ships For Windows and my next step is to learn how to translate CT and MT designs into MgT.
I am currently playing in a London face-to-face monthly Traveller group.
I generally write adventures, design ships and doomscroll the FB Traveller groups.
I can supply stats for the ships that aren't showing stats.
I'm currently working on deckplans for a large trade station.
First played Traveller in 1982. Leviathan amazed me and turned me into a naval architect ever since.


  • 1_400_Tons_Fleet_Courier_SwiftGull_Class - Copy.jpg
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  • 4000TonArmedMerchantScoutwe - Copy.jpg
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  • 3000-tons-carrier-deck-plan-final.jpg
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  • 1_Midu-Agashaam-Class-Destroyer-Plans - Copy.jpg
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Nice. I really like your use of black for contrast. Kind of evokes and modernizes the CT Traders & Gunboats aesthetic.
Thanks, I still use black but a lot less these days, heavy on the printer, but then I think the way forwards is gaming tables with screens and tablets.

Edit: Just saw your work on Drivethru, amazing!
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