Marches Adventures 1-5 - New Hardback!


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A new release has arrived for Traveller - The Marches Adventures 1-5, providing five full standalone adventures set in the ever-popular Spinward Marches sector!

You can grab your own copy here:

Marches Adventures 1-5 - Cover.jpg

The Spinward Marches, out on the Imperial frontier, is a borderland sector where even the humble can find great fortune and exciting voyages. Marches Adventures 1-5 provides a set of adventures that can be inserted into any ongoing campaign set in this region of the Charted Space universe, while showcasing the Spinward Marches and some of the worlds within.

Inside you will find:

High and Dry: A classic adventure designed to kickstart an entire campaign. The Travellers have been gifted a detached duty ship by the Scout Service, which will be theirs to use as they see fit. The only catch is… they will have to find it first.

Mission to Mithril: The Travellers land at a rudimentary starport, only to find their vessel disabled and the base strangely empty. As they explore, a distant distress beacon is detected, but reaching it requires an overland trek. Having located the survivors, the Travellers discover their problems are only just beginning…

Search and Rescue: Working search and rescue in the Gorram system is a complex business. Gorram is Red Zoned to protect its emerging culture, with passing ships directed to refuel at Gorram Station. For the Travellers, a contract to run the search and rescue operation is a legal way to bypass the interdiction. After weeks of patrols, the Travellers receive a GK signal. A ship is in distress, somewhere in the Red Zone. The ship is crippled, its occupants in mortal danger, and the Travellers must act fast to save them.

Artemis Wept: The Travellers are delivering a breeding herd of critically endangered animals for Project Artemis, located on the backwater world of Pyramus. There they can relax and enjoy the pleasures offered – dinner with the local noble, pony-riding in the countryside… and saving an entire species from extinction.

Safari World: A wealthy industrialist needs a qualified crew to accompany him on a hunting expedition to an uncharted world. His prey? A magnificent and mysterious trapper species said to roam the planet. The safari takes on a new dimension when the Travellers discover they are not alone. The residents of 567-908 have eluded discovery for their entire existence, and now that they have been found, they might just be the key that helps the Travellers find their quarry.
Hi, I got this and I really like the revisions done to the originals. Can you tell me if you folks plan on doing something similar for the older Reach or Great Rift adventures?
Hi, I got this and I really like the revisions done to the originals. Can you tell me if you folks plan on doing something similar for the older Reach or Great Rift adventures?
No plans any time soon, but I think it would be inevitable at some point in the future.
Some feedback after reading adventures 1 & 5:

High and Dry
I liked the changes made to the adventure. But while in the old release, there was a planetary map for Walston, it is gone here. I always like to show such a map to my players when they come to a new planet. Was this removed for space or layout reasons? Or an omission?

Safari World
Same problem with the planetary map, but more serious here: Very likely the players will scan the world to decide where to start hunting.
And while there is a map, it shows all the secret locations (and is called Referee's Map in the text). I think a Player's Map would be essential. I have to check my PDF of the classic adventure Safari Ship, I think that contains such a map.

567-908 features in both adventures. And the description of the starport/landing slab differs. Not fundamentally, and I can easily re-use he one from High and Dry (which I already refereed) in Safari World (minus the people, who have left in the meantime).
But with both adventures in the same book I think this is a blemish.

Finally a Question:
Perhaps you could make the planetary (player-) maps available as a download? That would be great.
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