Marauder/Flamer Question



I've following question: When a Ape Marauder is lost as a casulty by a kill roll, and the Ape has changed his "Morita Ape Special" to "two hel infantry flamer" become all models in point blank range D10 oder 2XD10 hits (because the flamer has the retalite trait, and there are two of them!)? I hope someone understand this question! ^^

Thanks for your answer! ;)
Yes, both weapons have retaliate, so when the Marauder dies, retaliate damage is dealt in PBR of the Marauder (3 inches) for both weapons. So that's 2xD10 against anyone in point blank range.
I thought of this problem too. My first way to approach it was,

first flamer detonates

units flinch from lethal zone

second flamer detonates

But this way to handle it would make the death of a marauder only full effective against multihit models (which do not flinch).

I think the 2 D10 way is better, for is is one attack, like squad fire.