Map Question


I was just comparing the map in the Lone Wolf rulebook, and the one from Flight of the Dark. Has anyone else noticed that the Kai Monastery has moved?

In Flight of the Dark, and all of the gamebooks, the Monastery is between the River Tor and the River Unoram. In the rpg Rulebook, it is above an unnamed river which, due to its course towards Toran (which has also moved, away from the coast), can only be the River Tor. Do I have an incorrect gamebook map (perhaps from a different printing?) or was this a conscious change, due to not being able to physically fit the Monastery between the Tor and the Unoram on the rulebook map?

I know, I'm a geek......
This is possibly down to fifty years of abuse of the Discipline of Mind Over Matter by large groups of initiates.
Thing is, knowing what to make of the inconsistency is kind of important for my game at the moment. I need something to tell my players. :?
In the Magnamund Companion, it states that the Fryeland of the Kai is between the river Tor and the river Unoram. My Lone Wolf map actually makes it look like the Monastery is on the north bank of the Tor. So although there is never any mention in the books of a river running by the Kai Monastery, I suppose you could reposition it on the south bank, and solve your problem.

Although Flight From the Dark's map does make it appear that the Monastery lies in a more southerly direction than the Mongoose one.

At the end of the day, it's your RPG, so I guess it's up to you.