Magic in Lankhmar


I've just finished rereading all the Nehwon books to refresh my memory prior to starting running a game.

I did notice that the Rime Island witches use spells not mentioned in the Mongoose books e.g. Light without Heat. Is this because the author(s) chose not to include material in the Knight and Knave of Swords and some of the Rime Island material from Swords and Ice Magic?

A Quarmallian Death Spell masquerading as an innocuous sleep spell is delivered by a Manchurian candidate style assassin. There is no published spell that can turn someone into an unwitting assassin or one that can cause someone to drop off to sleep and die.

Anyone got any sample stats for these, maybe from material that was cut from either release of the Lankhmar material.

I do wonder if these were missed out as they occur in the final material which is much racier than the earlier published material.