Luxor Judges


Input, High guys i was wondering what you think the stats of the power staff that the Luxor Judges would be. Just I am writing a scenario involving them?

I was thinking

3d6 either subdual or normal.
20 Shots
100 ft range increment
1d8 dmg melee, can be used with 2 weapon fighting classed a lightweapon for off hand attack.
While I'm not sure what the stats should be (I'll need to think about it some more), I think it's great that you are writing a scenario using them. Just be sure to share the fruits of your efforts with your forum buddies :)

Hey Guys,

I am in the US, but have managed to get a lot of the Dredd graphic novels (both harcover and paperback) from various import dealers and such.

I have never seen progs with the Luxor Judges, however. Can anyone tell me where I can find out more about them?

From the Dredd RPG book, I know Luxor City is like Egypt, and I'm guessing the Judges there would have an Egyptian motif?

Any info would be appreciated. I am always looking for cool new stuiff for my Dredd RPG sessions.
The book you want, gospog, is called: Judge Dredd: Book of the Dead.

Click the image for a lowdown on the contents:

They do have a very cool uniform. One thing I would love to see are judges from around the world. All the judges lined up so you can clearly see the outfits. This would make a fantastic poster...


Thanks for the info. I am experiencing thrill overload! ;)

I'm not sure if shipping from the UK will preclude me from bidding this time, but now that I know the book I'm looking for, it's only a matter of time...

Thanks again.

I agree about the Judges of the World lineup. I am an amateur miniature sculptor, and one of my goals is to sculpt a Judge from each city.

I had hoped to start this year, but got side-tracked in sculpting up some Fatties and "normal" Judges for a scenario I am running next week.

Anyway, if I do start my Judges of the World sculpting project, I will be sure to post pictures here.

Thanks again for your help.
No problem gospog, glad to help. Sorry, I didn't realize that you are not in the UK as you don't have a location set in your profile.

I'm surprised that noone has ever done a poster of all the judges from around the world, but I like in hope. Definitely do post photos if you ever made those sculptures. For that matter, how about showing us your fatties?

That book I mentioned actually has images from head to toe... very unusual. Most times there is a foreign judge, artists tend to draw the top half of the body, or just a side... it's rare to get a great view at the costume.

Good luck with your projects, and be sure to tell us about your scenario as well as your sculpting projects.

What? You couldn't tell from my American accent? :p

This weekend is my biggest and best JD game of the year (for the convention I run at my house). After it, I will be posting the scenario, pictures, miniatures, maps and whatever else I can think of.

I'd also like to say "thanks" to everyone in the UK who have been so helpful. I often feel like being a Judge Dredd fan and living in the US are mutually exclusive.

Thank Grud that is not the case!