Lots of upcoming Runequest products

Exubae said:
You're not going to get them. Mongoose are doing the Second Age stuff. Greg Stafford's doing the 3rd Age stuff.

Is Greg's stuff going to be HQ or RQ?

- Next year could see the funds in my bank account decrease rapidly:
2nd Age, 3rd Age, and Lankhmar...
Should be good, though I might not be able to buy food.


Ruleswise, HQ only I would think, though of course background can be shared by both.

I have searched the Mongoose page for "RuneQuest" again:

"Corum" and "Hawkmoon" are gone, "Granbretan" is still there, but "Elric of Melnibone" appears new to me???

Can somebody FINALLY tell us what happened to the Eternal Champion?
Chaosium Basic Role Playing or Mongoose RQ ???


Now most of those products are missing from that page...guess they're too far off and Mongoose doesn't want negative flack for not having them out on the publish date. At least I hope that's it...I really want to see the Eternal Champion books...I hope that doesn't fall through. Also, Hyborian Adventures would be great as well.