Looking to start a Dredd RPG.


Hello everyone long time lurker here new time poster. I was just wondering what ya'll would suggest as a good package to start a judge Dredd rpg. I know the main rules but I was wondering perhaps what other suplements you'd recomend. Thanks in advance for any advice ya'll can give me.
Hello FreezyPeezy,
Welcome to the boards. It all depends on what you are looking to run with your players really, judge or citizen based campagin. If you plan on running a judge campaign (well any really) the bible that you need to get is the Rookies Guide to Justice Department as thats one of the best of all the books to date, and a copy of Rookies Guide to Criminal Organisations would go a long way too for either campaign.

You can also check out Atlantis, Brit-Cit and Undercity if you are thinking of a campaign set outside of Mega-City One.

Hope this helps, if you need any more help just ask.

I've been looking to get my hands on atleast the essential books for the JUdge Dredd RPG. They would just be interesting books to own. With glossy cut-aways and other vauble stuff. A interesting read, even if I don't get around to playing the game itself.

Unfortunatly, I have been once again informed by another shopkeeper, ( One that I have never visited before.) that Mongoose no longer have a licence for 2000AD ( So, if thats true then it's pity that we'll never see Rogue, Johnny Apha & Co, & Nemesis as RPG's will never see the light of day.) and that they will not be ordering any more Judge Dredd & Slaine.

Indicating to me it's un-availbility, but I am some how aare that there are bmust be ware-houses somewhere full of those particular Mongoose products.

Correct me if I am wrong, I don't really know what my local gaming suppliers are up too, except that they seem to wanna make things difficult for people like me.
While I have found to my dismay I cannot convince them otherwise without resorting to dire measures & indicating to me to my own lack of influence.
We _do_ still have the licence! I don't know where this rumour is coming from, but it is the third time I have heard it in a week!

If you have any trouble from a retailer in getting our stuff, drop us a line with his details and we will make arrangements. If you _still_ have trouble after that, feel free to use our (very reasonable :)) mail order service.
I don't know where this rumour is coming from

I think it's coming from a lack of new releases related to the lisence. But that's just me out here in consumer land. :( :( :( :? If you don't support the games sheeplike consumers wander away to chew on somthing else. :cry: :cry: :cry: :?

Thanks Dredd Times and everyone else for your replies. I am pretty much planning on running a judge rpg however, one of my players and my assisstant GM said that with the group we have a game where PC's are perps might be fun since the group does not work well together. Any suggestions on what would be the easier of the two rps to run and what would be more fun to watch with a group of players who don't work well together and tend to shoot first ask questions later?
It all depends on your players to be honest, as judge characters have to stick to the letter of the law or face a spell on Titan in some cases, not a nice prospect. Citizens are far easier to handle as you can do more or less anything with them, and only need to watch out for other cits, perps and of course the judges.