New to Traveller, where to start.


Hello there everyone.
I am very new to Traveller but a veteran TTrpg player and DM in general for games like Cyberpunk 2020/Red, And the usual DnD.

I am looking to get into traveller as i got introduced to the system via a good few YouTube videos from Seth Skorkowsky

What really caught my eye was the very well done starter set for mongoose 2nd. But it is just impossible to find anywhere to buy.

Is there something similar one can buy to get a similar experience with a campaign and what looked to be a very nice fold out sector map.

For example the core book + something
Or if there is an entirely new set similar to the starter set.
I think the Traveller Explorer's Edition should be available at least as PDF in the Mongoose Store.

For an adventure or campaign recommendation we would need to know more about what you and your group like to play, as Traveller offers a variety of different "settings" / "playstyles".
You can get the free adventure Death Station by Seth Skorkowsky through DriveThruRPG.
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First off, Sylph, welcome to the board!
I've had players new to the game start with the Starter set [which I own, but I'm a very experienced Traveller player], and they've told me that they rather prefer getting the Core rulebook. From a referee's standpoint, it really does simplify things when you're trying to show a player a reference in the rules.
I second Reisender's motion.
The Explorer's Edition is a very inexpensive and accessible dip into the water. Take a look at it and Death Station. You'll get an orientation to Traveller for the grand price of two buck [or local equivalent].
After that, if you want to get into the main rules, I suggest getting the Core Rules 2022 and Behind the Claw. With those two, you'll have both the important rules and an excellent sourcebook on a frontier area of the Official Traveller Universe, or OTU.
Thanks a lot for the replies. :)

I already bought the explorers edition and it does seems like a boiled down version of the rules and i do expect to get the Core 2022 rulebook next.

@Reisender & @ottarrus. Thanks for the reccomendation on Death station will be sure to check it out.
@Arkathan Speaking of Seth and his Videos. i belive i have binge watched all of his traveller content already as i am mainly a DM / Referee
And started watching the Glass cannon Network play where he is also, quite exciting.

And i have to say i am absolutely in love with the way character creation goes somewhat random but absolutely brilliant.
Following up on the OP's thread, I am aware that there is no future plans for a Traveller Box Set reprint or new version (as it has been replaced with the Explorer's Edition), yet as a new Traveller GM, I am wondering if the $40 PDF is realy worth getting. I already have the Core Rules, Explorer's Edition, Companion, and Third Imperium books (with the Behind the Claw book in my next "to buy list"), do I realy need this Starter Set?
For a starter set experience without a literal starter set, core rulebook only is surprisingly robust. Learn the skill chapter, learn personal combat, put off space combat to start and you're good. That was most of my sessions in 1e anyway, with space combat being less frequent.

Not a starter set, but I consider Pirates of Drinax one of the best campaigns not just in Traveller but in rpgs as a whole. Well worth your consideration. But then I'm moving away from the starter set spec, since you'd want Pirates + core + High Guard. I consider Central Supply Catalog technically optional, but if anybody's going to have it everybody should have access, so if you know you'll end up there eventually better to bite the bullet earlier.
What kind of campaign are you interested in? military, villainy, etc?
As Saladman said, the Core book is good. It was all I needed to get back in Traveller after being away 12 years. Plus the helpful responses from most people on this forum.
What kind of campaign are you interested in? military, villainy, etc?
As Saladman said, the Core book is good. It was all I needed to get back in Traveller after being away 12 years. Plus the helpful responses from most people on this forum.

Not so much as "what type of campaign" and more as "stuff that comes with a starter set" such as pre-gen pcs sheets, short newbie friendly learning adventure, easy to understand rulebooks, help sections for new GMs, printed player aids... Dropping $40 for a "Starter Set" PDF is a big ask, espcialy if I have to print things out at home, or take it to a print shop to get done professionaly (as I am not going to pay Ebay prices for a set).
Do note that the above mentioned Pirates of Drinax is huge. It is really great and offers material to play for years, but personally I would not recommend it for a beginner and/or where to start. As others have already said, better start with just the Core rulebook and a single adventure, like Death Station, High and Dry or Marooned on Marduk. Then expand from there as you see fit, once you're ready.
The blank character sheets are a free download (Click the logo at the top of the page and go to download tab). The Traveller map website is a better resource than a printed map, because you have ALL the sectors and can zoom in and click on a planet for more info. Cast it to a TV and fill a large screen with a subsector.
You have the stripped down rule book.
DTRPG has a fillable character sheet pdf for something like $.50 - $1.
The starter set is frankly outdated.
... Traveller offers a variety of different "settings" / "playstyles".
Indeed: My long-time friend, who is not into SF, or RPGs, or most acronyms, was entertained enough about the characters I was rolling up that she wanted to try, and it looks like we will be doing a non-traditional campaign centered on a food journalist on Emerald.

It's not the Traveller campaign I ever expected to run, but honestly, I'm chuffed.
Can be done, once did a campaign where everyone played journalists of one type or another, inevitably getting into the roles of sleuths for digging up dirt on dubious people or companies.
Will it be Nancy Drew in space? Lisbeth Salander in Space? Nigela Lawson in space? Dunno, but I'm looking forward to it.
Well, if she's not a real SF type, you have several 'girl hero' options...
- Irene Adler, the female foil to Sherlock Holmes [writer Carole Nelson-Douglas]
- Veronica Mars, TV series, teenaged female detective/journalist/sleuth
And I'll ask my wife for more when she's a bit more coherent. It's 0630 my time and asking her stuff like this is unfair at this hour :D
I believe one was based on Lois Lane, and another on Sarah Jane Smith. Worked well :)
Following some antics of Miss Lawson might be risky on any world with a decent Law Level :p
She went freelance after 3 terms, so she's 30 years old, has skills at writing, sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong, hacking communications, and speaking Vilani, 20KCr, a very much ex-lover, 2 contacts, and no medical debt.

II don't know whether this will be space opera noire or sweet 'n' savory shugilii with the Galactic Gilmore Girls...