Lone Wolf RPG & Darklands - Released?

Can sometime tell me if The Lone Wolf RPG and The Darklands expansion for it have been released in the UK? I have been awaiting their arrival at my local gamestore for ages and am still being told that (despite what the Mongoose website says) they are unavailable. I would be grateful if someone could tell me what is going on?
Lone Wolf has been out for a couple of months. The Darklands was released last week.

I should find a new games store if I were you.
1. www.infinitygames.co.uk
2. www.gameslore.co.uk
3. www.leisuregames.com
4. www.amazon.co.uk

You should be able to order online from one of these sites. If you prefer not to buy online, make a note of the ISBN and you should be able to order it from a local bookshop.
I had problems getting copies of LW in stock last week... I'd ordered two and only received one from the distributor, so of course the only copy went straight into my own collection :)

I think demand has been so great on this one that they simply can't churn them out fast enough.
The problem with getting most RPG books in the UK is that they are never actually printed here; but imported. It is best to buy them online- I just used gameslore to get the Darklands, and was fairly impressed with their service...

Saying that, though, I got the original sourcebook from my local Ottakars, which has about 5 RPG books stuffed amidst the sci-fi section normally!