Lone Wolf is Coming. . .

Nothing more to say as I'm frothering in waiting for this LW RPG...
But, at least, I'm the very first to answer a topic in this brand new LW subforum!
Hooray! Three cheers for all those at Mongoose who worked on this. You're making a lot of 20- and 30- somethings very happy. :D

Now if only Amazon would update their shipping info....

I am eagerly awaiting this game with slavering anticipation. Has it really been 20 years? Amazing.

From what I've seen from the previews, I'm going to be very pleased with the end product! There's so much to look forward to!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Week after next? Am I the only one to see that thats practically June? Not may. I mean, I can't wait to get the RPG, but seriously..Mongoose might as well have said June.

When a release date says May i think `1st or 2nd week of may. Not the last.
Well, look at it this way. We have six releases this month - we can't release them all in the same week (for a variety of reasons) so some will come in the first week, some second, some third and some right at the end.

And come on, the last week of May still isn't June, however you look at it :)

Not meaning to offend you Sunwolf, but I think a couple of weeks don't really matter in the grand scheme of things... It's a little childish to complain for that, honestly. :|
:shock: :D Hey, a forum of it's own!

Then this thread was not in vain! (Or have you done it as an act of defiance? :wink:)

Very glad to see this! (And as for the release of the game, I shall cloak myself in patience ... Especially as the AmazonDots of and near my homeland have not realized that it is yet to come, instead of out of print! :()

Maybe a little Darklands preview would comfort us during the looooooooong ... days until the game's released? Just ... maybe? ... Oh, well. I'll wait. *sniff*

Paido, Paragon of Patience ("Is it out yet?!")
Well, I wish to say congratulations, and thank you. Thanks for bringing this out - I've been wanting to convert Lone Wolf to DnD since... well, since the old Red Box Basic D&D.

May Kai and Ishir shine upon you!
I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thanks for producing this game. The previews have been superb and I can't wait to see the whole book.

You've made an old Lone Wolf fan and his Lone Wolf fan children very happy. :D
redlaco said:
It's been a long time since I anticipated a RPG as much as LW! :D
Last time was Babylon 5.

Last time for me was D&D 3.0.
So, I'm talking to my boss about the LW RPG, and he's asking me when I would prefer to run a LW game - my response is, of course, whenever we can get everyone together to play. He says 'so when are you getting your copy?' and I says 'sometime between June 9th and June 29th as per amazon.com'

He says our LGS here in town 'will have 3 copies in tomorrow.'

And then, this normally quite sane person who is typing this message begins to flip out. So what have we to do now? Simple, cancel the Amazon order, and buy it from Visions tomorrow morning. Sure, I'm forking over an extra $20 (after tax and all that) but I'll have the copy in my hand at that moment.

So, consensus - am I crazy or justified?
Of course, I just realized, if I'd really been thinking seriously about it, I could have and SHOULD have ordered it from Amazon.uk.com....

But hey, I'm just a stupid American...

adgramaine said:
Of course, I just realized, if I'd really been thinking seriously about it, I could have and SHOULD have ordered it from Amazon.uk.com....

Wouldn't have helped you much. :? Or would you be interested in an offer like this:

1 Used & New:
Price: £79.95
Condition: Very Good
Seller: rbmbooks **** (Based on 144 ratings)
Comments: Ships airmail from U.S.A. Arrives within 10-15 working days.

Money-back guarantee.

That's all there is to order from Amazon.co.uk at the moment ...

Paido, not joking about this :(