Kundi Mystic Questions

C. Chapman


Have I missed something, or does the Kundi Mystic lack details on the razor-edged boomerang (Urik's weapon of choice), and the magic/music used to summon the Ooslo Bird for transport? If so, is there a particular reason these obvious Kundi items/powers were left out?

You haven't missed anything; I did. To be honest, the boomerang was just a simple omission on my part. The Ooslo bird was written up and somehow did not make it into the book. Again, my slip. With permission, I'll post it here or include it in an S&P article.

Personally I just see those two things as details that were special for Urik, I don't miss them particularly. The boomerang is a neat weapon though. The Ooslo bird I can be without. It seems to have limitted uses, if the Kundi's music affects more animals that Ooslo birds.
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I dig up this thread - to ask a question.

Is there anyone who knowns about a script about "the Ooslo bird" or the boomerang of Urik ?

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It could be good to have these scripts