Korgoth of Barbaria

Gotta say... great fun!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I haven't seen this before, is this all that's been made of this cartoon or is there more?
It would be kinda fun to do stat write-ups for the various things in the cartoon, like the title character (dare I say, probably not too far off from our comrade from Cimmeria), Stink, Scrotus (sp?), Specules (sp?), the beast Korgoth rode on (before it got hungry and blew up :shock: ), the sorcerous chewing gum, and of course the Golden Goblin ("BEHOLD!!!")

Wow, I've got WAY too much time on my hands. :cry: :?
Did you like Korgoth of Barbaria? Then let Cartoon Network know!

I copied this from Falconer's post on the Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures forum:

According to various sources, Korgoth of Barbaria was only a pilot episode. Cartoon Network is still pondering whether or not to turn that pilot into a regular Adult Swim series. As such, telling Cartoon Network how much you enjoyed the show might prove helpful to its success:

It's just a pilot. It's 22 minutes and it's good, but Aaron Springer needs a pick up to get a show. If the pilot gets a strong response it will go. But [Cartoon Network] may be reluctant to take chances with it as it has a budget and full animation. A first for Adult Swim. The cute junk they usually do is no risk as it costs so very little thus it doesn't need ratings.

... Tell Cartoon Network how much you love Korgoth and maybe they will.

If you liked KORGOTH OF BARBARIA, tell the Cartoon Network at


and spread the word to everyone you can to go to that feedback site and send in their support for a KORGOTH series
Just like to say thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I've emailed CN, and fingers crossed, we will be graced with an excellent series.
I don't know if Falconer posts on this forum too, but he had some great news on the Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures forum:

Falconer said:
On June 18th, Adult Swim ran a "bumper" on Cartoon Network announcing that Korgoth of Barbaria was offically picked up as a series.

Certainly made MY evening! :D
Excellent! Now all I need is to wait until the DVD, or hope that CN decides to show it here in the UK, too.
Great news! I was going to be really upset if Cartoon Network didn't pick up Korgoth! Surely, I thought, they could actually not run Family Guy for one night to make room for it.
Here are the new links

Part 1

part 2


part 3

Its a shame it has never gone beyond the pilot. It like a funny mix of Thundarr the Barbarian, Heavy Metal (namely the stories of DEN of Neverwhere and Taarna of Arzach), and other Conan-ish clichés.

I like such a setting, it reminds me of my Gamma World campaigns (the first two edition was campy and over-the-top in a fun way). I still play Gamma World, but I'm using the Mutant Future rules as they are more compatible with the older D&D games, and I'm working on a house-rule to allow for magic use in the game. If you never played such a game before its worth checking out, and its free! :wink: