Klendathu Invasion Roster: 6000pts worth of MI goodness!


I just picked up/finished reading the Klendathu Invasion supplement and was immediately drawn to the invasion as a gaming campaign. Now, I'll probably never play it, but I was intrigued by the idea. Literally endless swarms of Bugs, against only 6,000pts of MI. :shock:

For those of you who may not have seen it, the rules for the Invasion roster are as follows:

The MI get 6000 points, Priority Level 3. You must have at least 3 platoons of MI, you are free to mix and match types. No Emplacement Assets. More importantly, NO REINFORCEMENTS! Once a model/unit is dead, that's it.

Now, this 6,000pts has got to last you through at least 4 straight battles with no reinforcements/resupply. Since there will not be reinforcements, any weapons noted as "One-Shot" are litearlly that. Once fired, they are gone! Likewise for any ground attack missles or air ordnance. Once used up, that's it. Likewise, Drop Capsules may only be used for the very first battle, no others.

Just for the heck of it, I've decided to put together an MI Invasion List roster. I'll post the finished product when its done (be interested in feedback); at the moment I'm planning a mix of Power Armor (access to a bit of everything) and Pathfinder (for special weapons, tunnel fighting, and survivability)

I'm curious if anyone else has put together an Invasion roster? I'm also curious as to what your Invasion rosters would look like. What would offer the highest chance of survivability?
Whatisitgoodfor? said:
Apart from 'literally endless swarms', what do the bugs get?

A new army list every time with no limitations like the MI. The campaign is all about how long the humans can survive the greatest defeat the MI ever suffered!
Major Chaos beat me to the punch.

Like Chaos said, anything they want. The actual points vary according to the individual battle.
I think the key with this kind of scenario is to get away with as much 'renewable' assets as possible as the MI. This means minimal number of one-shot or other disposable units, as well as things that are going to be 'sacrificial' models. Most of the scenarios involve the MI running somewhere, so mobility is likely your best friend in this situation.
Nope. Only 6000 for the entire campaign. The acutal points used vary by battle, but if the campaign is played, anticipate at least 4 battles.
I think that most of the scenarios call for the bugs to field a completely fresh 2000 point army for each scenario. It helps the desperation on the MI side. The bugs have virtually unlimited reinforcements from battle to battle while the MI company slowly gets whittled down while it fights for its very survival.
dyssnowman said:
I think that most of the scenarios call for the bugs to field a completely fresh 2000 point army for each scenario.

How big army for MI's in each scenario? If it were full 6000 I could forsee them shooting bugs without casualties barring possibility of plasma bugs(splendid target for nukes in each game in that case).
The MI pick how many points to commit to each scenario, but it must be at least 1500. The bugs field the same amount, /but/ they are allowed to use units from any PL regardless of what PL they would normally have to select due to points. So, you could have overseers or 3 brains in a 1500pt Klendathu game, AIUI. Also, they can take options like endless tide at every PL.
Plus scenario objectives are used instead of normal tactics. And for the last scenario (no matter which one it's gonna be) MI use the entire remainder of his forces.

A list of a company am going to drop - any feedback welcome ^^

- Cougar Captain: Rotary Sixgun, True Grit, Armourer, Sniper traits (will deploy w/3rd platoon)
- 3 x Slingshot boat, all three w/Heavenly Mercy payload (well.. technicaly they're attached to 3rd platoon, but imo they look better as company-attached for the organisation chart purposes)

1st platoon, CAP troopers:

- CAP lieutnant: frag grenades, TrenchSweeper underslung, Fire King trait
- 2 x CAP NCO: frag grenades, TrenchSweeper underslungs
- 4 CAP squads: sergeant w/armourer trait, corporal, Javelin trooper, Hel trooper, 4 Morita troopers, all w/frag grenades

2nd platoon, LAMIs:

- LAMI lieutnant: frag grenades, Sense Presence talent
- 2 x LAMI NCO: frag grenades
- 5 x LAMI squad: sergeant w/armourer trait, corporal, FedNet reporter, sniper, Longbow trooper, 7 Morita troopers
- 1 x LAMI recruits squad: sergeant w/armourer trait, squad leader, 10 recruits w/Moritas

3rd platoon, ExoSuits:

- Cougar lieutnant: Rotary Sixgun, Fire King trait
- 2 x Cougar NCO: Firestorm missiles, Sniper traits
- 1 x Grizzly squad: Sergeant w/2 Rotary Sixguns, corporal and 1 trooper, both w/ Rotary Sixgun and Thermic Lance
Yours looks incredibly similar to what I was thinking about. A mix of LAMI, PAMI, and Exosuits.

Hadn't thought about the dropships; that seems a good idea. I had stayed away from a lot of fleet assets due the points investment and the "lose them once and they're gone" rules. The Heavenly Mercy makes perfect sense, however.
Seems like a good mix to me. Was thinking about using a pure-LAMI force, but that'd be an overkill in missions requiring true mobility, not just holding the line - after few practice games am more inclined to commiting them into the first scenario, and then in "stonewall"-type ones. And pure-exo/marauder force would be too few in numbers to be of use in extended campaign (not to mention unfluffy ^^). Lastly I don't have any marauder/CHAS models (yet!)
And since there is no other way of "recycling" troops medevacs look like the best investment, plus it means even more experienced troops later on.