Just GMed My First Session

E Nicely

... of my fledgeling campaign using the Stones of Kovag Re. Pretty cool adventure. There were some themes used that are Conan staples; being rounded up by city gaurds, a showdown with a hulking brute (Iovinicus), bandits!, a damsel in distress, and of course the Stones.

My players handled it quite well, not one case of terminal "itchy trigger finger" and they new the right times to run like Hell. The funnest part for me was watching the players argue over courses of action and coming up with some outlandish theories about the disappearence of Juliana. All done in character.

So it was fun for all. The Conan system plays smoothly. Waiting for the release of Road of Kings to do the design of the upcoming sessions, I do know that the adventurers will next wind up in the Kothian Desert as gaurds for a caravan, it will lay some seeds for for the rest of the campaign.


Lots o'love, me'son,

Sounds like the session was a success. When I played it I was worried that they might be too cocky and try and take on the stones. Luckily one of the guys is a Conan fanatic and therefore he knew that in Hyboria, sometimes you just have to run. When they reach the stones and they animated, he ran. The other players just sat there dumbfounded. But it searved to give them the hint.

We also had a great time with the addy. My party is currenlty in Hyperborea. We found the system to run fairly smoothly, but several questions about game mechanics came up that slowed the game a little. I just made a call as fast as I could and kept the flow moving.

I look forward to an Errata file soon (hopefully) as I don't expect to pick up the second edition. But all in all, the minor glitches with the mechanics are easily fixed.


E Nicely


My players made almost every right decision, aside from the Hyrkanian Nomad almost drawing a sword against the Governors men in Arenjun. 1 Conan fanatic and 2 other outstanding roleplayers. When the stones started moving they ran like Hell.

It had been about 10 years since I ran an adventure I hadn't written myself and was very pleased with Kovag-Re. Great way to start a campaign.