Just curious


I was just wondering if someone in the know can say whether Dawn of Destruction is just the first in a line of buyable adventures, or is it intended to be a spark for GMs?

Also, has anyone written their own adventures and posted them?
In case you hadn't spotted it - there is a free downloadable adventure on this site.

There is also one coming in S&P 22. :)

But there is nothing else immediately forthcoming for LW. :cry:
You can order single issues from Mongoose and other mail order games stores. Some articles are available for download on www.rpgnow.com .
I know this is coming a little (a lot) late for this thread, but the best place to find adventure ideas for the LWRPG is from the actual Lone Wolf & Grey Star books. Nothing inspires more than those game texts.
yeah tell me about it,
i made my pcs stop the ritual that brings back vashna recently, it was a completely original idea, honest!
I figure if I ever get to run a LWRPG game (rather than just playing one), I may actually have them go to Mogaruith at some point, in which case "the Plague Lords of Ruel" will be invaluable.