Jump Tracking


Banded Mongoose
Hey all,

I seem to remember reading about being able to determine where someone jumps if you observe them jumping out to but I can't remember where. Could someone point me to where this is discussed?

High Guard pg 84
Exotic Technology: Jump Filter
Installs between the sensors and the ship's computer.
In theory, if you happen to have a camera pointed in the correct direction.

Since a jump line is rigidly as the crow flies, that instance, even if the starship is at rest, when it drops into the rabbit hole will tell you the direction.

If you have any sensor that can detect energy output, will calculate how many power points were expended, divided by probable hull volume, will tell you how many parsecs.
High Guard (old) p48: Primitive and Advance Spacecraft: Stealth Jump
"Normally a ship that emerges into real space will be automatically detected in it emerges within the 'minimal' range of the sensor."
"detecting a ship equiped with a stealth drive emerging into real space requires a formidable (14+) Computer (sensors) check"
Pirates of Drinax (book 1) p109
"Picking up on the neutrino emissions requires a Difficult (10+) Electronics (sensors) check (INT)"
"A very difficult (12+) Astrogation check (INT) lets an astrogator guess the likeliest destination of a jumping ship based on neutrino emissions and the shape of the inflating hydrogen bubble"

From this I conjecture that:
  • Detection of a jump is automatic.
  • A sensors check is needed to get the magnitude of the jump bubble and therefor the distance jumped, based on the size of the ship.
  • Astrogation is able to then add the direction, based on the pattern of emissions and star alignments.
  • Stealth drives make this much harder DM-4