Judge Dredd vs. Slaine

Should Mongoose give us seperate forums for Judge Dredd and for Slaine?

  • Yes, the two games deserve their own forums.

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  • No, I think that guessing which games the post is for is fun.

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  • Who are Judge Dredd and Slaine?

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Do you hate clicking on a post on this forum, only to discover that it is not for the game you play, but for the other one this forum is created for? Do you keep finding Slaine posts when you only care about Judge Dredd? Or the other way around?

That's the reason for this poll. Hopefully, enough people will ask for a seperate forum (easy to do) and Mongoose will honor our request.

Thanks for listening, and for voting.

yes I do think slaine deserves its own forum as does dredd just because they have the same source 2000AD they are not the same game :shock:
also think that the two games are going two differant ways Dredd is getting a new model game while slaine gets crumbs in the signs mag :evil: slaine if it dosent vanish needs web support I want too post ideas,web links,ideas based on the mag but they would get lost under dredd traffic so come on mongoose give slaine room to grow
I like the mixed up messy forum... but you guys are right... tho I fear without a forum, Slaine might just disappear (that said Dredd seems to have picked up pace a bit)...
A little disappointing that we only have 10 responses so far, but out that number, 90% want seperate forums. How about it Mongoose?

i get confused... some threads occasionally sound like they are for Slaine... so halfway through reading the thread... inveritably... something crops up to make me feel like a fool ... go figure..

seperate forums!!
The best way to avoid this...

Is introduce the following into your campaign

Judge Slaine
Psi Judge Nest
Ex-Judge Ukko (currently resident on Titan)
Foxy Judge Nimah....

or maybe just send a petition to the local asylum demanding the reinstatement of enforced medication for Slaine gamers.... :twisted:
hassanisabbah said:
or maybe just send a petition to the local asylum demanding the reinstatement of enforced medication for Slaine gamers.... :twisted:

can we choose the colour of the pills thie time :D please :twisted:
toothill man said:
hassanisabbah said:
hazle nuts... :twisted:
name of a infamous bi-gendered dwarf pc I really did play once :lol: till the smurfs stole there magic kingdom back :evil:

Nurse... Nurse... time for Mr Toots medication jab...

though I remember a GM who thought it would be a good idea to introduce Smurfs to a game, in which the Chaotic Evil mage was considered 'the Nice Guy'...... The fate of Smufette was not overly pleasent (If I remember rightly the mage shrank down a group of charmed Orcs).... :twisted: Still we were young, and the GM was Nieve