jeremiah Questions and Clarifications.


Some questions from the initial read thru.

FEATS (pg 72) The improved damage threshold is included as a feat, but the system uses grim n gritty and doesn't seem to actually implement massive damage save at all. Its not in the index nor did i see it mentioned in the combat sections. So, is this feat for playing jeremiah under another system or did the entire massive damage section get accidentally dropped or did i just miss it? Its possible i missed it on the quick read thru.

CLASSES (pg 17) "Scavengers are free to select any feat , trained or untrained as a bonus. They must still meet all prereqs..." First, what does trained and untrained mean for feats? Second, why is there a list of feats to choose from following this passage if the scavenger can choose any?

PISTOLS (pg 136) Pistols in melee combat: this covers using pistols to shoot at people up close. however, its second sentence states that pistols will suffer a -4 since the target is so close and will be grabbing at the gun hand. That seems to make sense until you realize it says "However, melee attacks with pistols are..." Did you actually mean to be discussing ranged attacks against close targets with that -4 thingy or is melee range considered "too close" for non-penalty melee attacks with pistols as the rule says?

STRENGTH: page 5 under strength says that strength bonuses are used in not only damage "roles" but also "melee attack roles" while age 115 says it uses the dex modifier on attack rolls, leaving trength for damage. Which is correct?

CONSTITUTION: page 5 under constitution says that con bonus "directly affects" hit points and even goes on to say that if the con changes enough to change the con bonus then a character's hit points will go up and down accordingly. that seems to not be the case in the GnG combat system at all, where you have a flat number of hit points and changes in con won't change that. Which is correct? if con does affect hit points, how so?

AUTOFIRE and CRITS: One final question, not an editing issue per se i reckon, but a rules issue. Am i correct that you can crit with a gun firing one shot but that you cannot crit with a gun firing autofire? Basically, in order to crit, you need to score better than the normal attack roll by 10. Autofire doesn't have an attack roll against individuals but does have the easy need a "10 to hit the hex" deal followed by a save for them to avoid the fire.

So it would seem that one of the following is true.

1. treat the attack roll vs the easy dc 10 as the attack roll and if you get a net 20 you score criticals against everyone in the area. (This seems way too easy and how do you confirm?)
2. since you don't make attack rolls against targets specifically, you cannot get criticals with autofire, only single shot attacks have such a chance. (This seems silly.)

is either of these correct, or did i miss the mechanic for how to score crits with autofire? i could imagine failing their save by 5 or 10 to earn the targets a crit as a workable mechanic, but there is nothing like that described in the autofire rules.

thanks in advance for your help.

BTW, its an enjoyable read so far.
All very good questions. I can't give you official answers but I'll share how I plan to deal with them in the short term.

1. Massive Damage: I plan to use massive damage...a failed Fort (DC=Damage taken) save will result in a Critical Hit Effect. (Roll 1d8+1 to determine which effect takes place.

2. Scavenger Class: This one is a little confusing, particularly since the erratta also provides a list of feats. I am thinking that it was an early intent to give Scavengers access to all feats and in the end they decided to go with a list. I will be going with the list and ignoring the all feats available rule...also ignore the training part, this is obviously a mistake...I wonder if skills were oringally intended to make all skills class skills, that might be a way to go.

3. Pistols in Melee: This part is clearly talking about pistols in melee. the first part of the explanation for the -4 for trying to strike someone with a pistol doesn't make much sense, the second part makes more sense but is really covered by the defense roll. My conclusion is that the -4 is intended to be for trying to shoot in melee. The first sentense is about shooting in melee does not incurr an attack of opportunity...the balance to this would be the -4 and then if you add the statement that its difficult becuase of the closeness and the fact that the defender is trying to grab the gun from you...then it makes the -4 will apply to shooting while in melee range in my game, at least till I know otherwise.

4. Strength applies only to melee damage not to melee attack rolls...go with the combat rules.

5. Con applies to Damage Reduction not to Hit Points

6. I agree, no critical hits for autofire.

Hope that helps untill we get official word.