Items for Slaine (Rewards)


Chosen of the Earth Godess (warped warrior) - the three in one broach (like the three fingered one Slaine wears). Signifys the warrior to be one of the chosen husbands of Danu. Often warn on the hero harness this symbol stores 1 EP per day, upto a maximum of 10, whenever it is in an area of nature (ie not midguard or sourland). Whenever the Warped Warrior faces or sees a sworn foe in the name of the godess, the points are automatically spent on a warp spasm along with any existing EP (nb if the foe is an El or Slough then the EP held is doubled).

The Broach is awarded by the Godess herself in Maiden form after the consumation of their marriage. Suffice to say that this comes only to those who have truely proven themselves and have shown their willingless to serve Danu regardless of their own fate.

Skull Studs (worn on a belt) - One for every ten drune heads taken in battle, and awarded by a Druid. Each stud allows the bearer to ask one favour of any lord or druid, provided the request is both modest and fair.

A Blood Tounge Sporan (cut from a Formorian) - Sworn foe of the Formori (before a druid under oath to the godess) - The Wearer gains +2 Moral when leading a charge against a formoian unit, and reduces the formorian units moral by 2. Under oath the Warrior swears a geas that they'll leave no formori unmolested nor flee such a foe. In battle with a formori the Warrior may add +2 to their armour class due to the obvious distraction this kind of thing may serve

Dragons Tooth Necklace (actually giant snake teeth) - Offical Dragon Rider Wheel - This is given to all those who train to ride dragons. It adds +5 to their ride skill when fitted to a dragon (it goes over the neck) Furthermore the Dragon may attack using either its, or the riders BAB. Its is considered uncouth and bad faith to Ride on of the Goddesses favoured creatures without druidic training at a dragon farm.

Bonedress - A gift rumoured to come from some witches, in which they forge a magic armour for a warrior who has served them unfailingly against their most hated foe. Bonedress is leather armour, with the assorted enemies bones on the outside, arranged to form a skelton. No witch of the tribes will raise a hand to the wearer of Bonedress unless wronged first.

In addition to being the equivilent of +2 Leather Armour, it repells can repell one Critical blow for every 4 levels the foe had, reducing damage to normal, and no gae bola will ever stick in the wearer, unless he'd by a wronged witch (theres a long history of witches and gae bola).

Finally any ally of the felled foe who sees it must save vs fear (Will Diff=10+Enech of wearer) or flee in terror.

In return the Warrior is bound to the service of any witch who can speak their true name (which must be given during its creation). At anytime there is rumoured to be but three witches of Danu who know the secrets of bone dress....
slayer discs given too those who have slain formorrians each disc is 25 deaths and each a iron disc with a demon face(as in the cover of the finains book)
Fur Cloak of the Cusith:

Made from the hide of a Cusith from the boarderlands (p.89 Tir Nan Og sourcebook.)
This acts as a normal fur cloak but also gives +2 circumstance bonus to hide checks, +4 if outdoords, +8 in foggy marshland environment