Two New Adventures for Traveller!


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Two new adventures for Traveller have just been released - Reach Adventure 6: Exodus, and Naval Adventure 2: Showing the Sunburst!

You can grab Exodus right here:

And Showing the Sunburst here:

In Exodus, the Travellers are hired to transport hundreds of freed human slaves from a former world of the Glorious Empire to sanctuary. A beneficent Aslan clan lord has lent them a ship for the job. There is just one catch – they must go no farther than six parsecs. To make matters worse, they are being hunted by forces who desperately want to prevent them from reaching their goal. With a vulnerable and poorly armed ship, the Travellers must use their wits to deliver the refugees to safety...


Meanwhile, in Showing the Sunburst (which supports the Naval Campaign Handbook in the Element Cruiser box set), the Travellers take command of a warship assigned to the troubled Jewell-Vilis naval station, on what looks like a simple flag-showing mission. All they have to do is visit a few worlds, remind friend and foe alike that the navy is around, and give assistance to Imperial diplomats operating in the region. There is, however, a sealed section in their orders – to be opened after their ship leaves port...

Tay said:
Have these both shipped. I've had Showing the Sunburst, but no sign of Exodus.

Should be on its way, but drop me a line at and we'll check!