Is Lone Wolf available around the world?



Dear Sir,

I ordered the 'Lone Wolf RPG' a month before it was expected to be released, however I just received a note from the company (through which I ordered) and they told me it is on back-order.

Does this mean that they have not received stock, or that it has been sold out already?

Please put my mind at ease over here in South Africa: can one still get hold of 'Lone Wolf'?

Thank you.

Blue Crane
Well, as far as I can tell, there have been problems in about any country with some companies (especially the diverse Amazon.Dots :() - they were probably confused by the changed release date. Maybe it's the same with the company from which you ordered the book?

You might want to try other shops (online or not) for that, maybe even order it from another country. At least that's what I did ... Sometimes you can even get it at a lower price that way, shipping included! :shock: All the German shops wanted more money than the UK shop I ordered at ...

BTW, I suppose if the Lone Wolf Rpg were indeed already sold out, Mongoose would be more than glad to order another print run ... :D

Paido's two Lunes™ :wink:
Hi Paido, may I ask you about the prize in the german and the UK shop (and the url of the shop)? I am from germany too and so far I found no one able to beat my usual online shop in Hamburg (considering the prize and service), but it would be nice to have an alternative.
I bought my lone wolf copy (no shipping in Germany above 20 EURO) at 35,20 EURO which is about 23,13 English Pounds.
here in austria (europe not australia :) )

i have paid for the lw core rulebook 41 EUR, thats about 48 USD
Anonymous said:
Hi Paido, may I ask you about the prize in the german and the UK shop (and the url of the shop)?
Hey, aber klar doch! :wink:

One of my problems was that no shop seemed to already have the game in stock, but they all seemed to want something around 40 € (almost $50 or £27). Postage extra. I was hesitating to order it in the UK at first, too, as the prices I found were not that good either, but then someone on the Project Aon forum suggested to try Infinity Games. They wanted £17.79 (+ £2.50 postage), i.e. about 31 € or $37 - and got the deal!

(Got an e-mail on the 15th that the book has been dispatched, so it should arrive soon. Here's hoping!)

BTW, which shop is that where you've ordered the book? (Curious, too! :D)

Hi Paido finally got me an account...
thanks for your answer, i bought my copy at I'm very satisfied with their service (very fast shipping usually it gest out the same day the order is placed) and especially their prizes :D
Ah, Dragonworld! That name does ring a bell. Thanks for the link, I'll keep them in mind from now on! :)

Hey Paido, you finally got he book eh? What do you think? Excellent, good, ok, ewwww...;) ??
Hey, Xex, stop poking me! I'm still reading! :wink:

Nah, seriously, wanted to post in the I've Got My Copy! soon, after getting to know the book a bit better ... But so far it looks definitely great! :D

<crouches> Won't give it out of our hands, no, preciousss, won't!! *gollum* </crouches>

great. Look forward to your comments, especially abt the classes. oooh btw, check out the Xagrash entry in the bestiary; remember which book LW faces of with it? I think we also fight it in the first New ORder books (voyage of the moonstone), but I could be wrong.
I don't have the books here at hand, but if I'm not wrong there are some Xagash in book 25. Anyway, since there are no Xagash in the rulebook, maybe Xex meant "Xargath". If this is the case, the Xargath appears in book 12 and in "The skull of Agarash".