Irving, Texas



Sorry for a bit off-topic post but my friend is visiting Irving, Texas and would be willing to buy me the Atlantean Edition of Conan RPG (I already own the first edition). The only problem is that we have no idea where he could buy it. So if anyone knows, I would really appreciate the name of a shop (and possibly even the address) where he could buy it.

Thanks in advance!
I tried that already, but thanks for the tip anyway. Hmm... for some reason Finland is not listed. Maybe I should contact my local shop and inform them about the list...
Maybe you could ask your national amazon.xx: since the dollar is at the moment very cheap compared to the Euro, US books are cheap, too.
The German amazon takes a book back, if there is a newer edition available, so the customer doesn't end up with another 1st edition. Further, I think now all the 1st CONAN core books will be sold.
Sorry, can't help you with any shops in Texas.

If you don't manage to get it that way, I'd agree with René that Amazon is a pretty good deal; they have low shipping&handling, and with the USD being as it is, ordering books is, at the moment, damn cheap (to Sweden anyway).

Problem with Amazon is that they don't have the AE specifically listed (though, as René said, you could probably exchange it if you got the wrong one). When I ordered mine, I actually got it from FRP games (, just to be sure I got the right one. Cost me a little extra in shipping&handling, though.
OK, thanks. I'll wait a bit and see if anyone local (from Irving) can help me out. Otherwise I might have to use Amazon or something.
SnowDog, have you checked already from Fantasiapelit? In Tampere it seems to be in stock constantly, but I'm not sure about Helsinki, Turku or Oulu.
It just so happens Irving is a suburb of Dallas, my home town.

There are lots of places in the area where he might purchase a copy, including Game Chest, Generation X Comics, Lone Star Comics and so forth. Might be wise to contact the stores through the Internet first and make sure they have plenty of stock - most all of them have useful Web pages.

If you need any help finding the right Web address or anything else, feel free to PM me and I'll see if I can help you out.
Yes, it is in stock in Fantasiapelit and I bought my first edition copy from there but it is a matter of economics and since my friend is in the States at the moment I am tempted to use the opportunity to buy the new edition.

GregLynch, I might need some help, so I will PM you. Thanks for the offer!