Into the Fire II - Results!


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Hi guys,

You can download the Excel file containing the results of the latest tournament from the main A Call to Arms page!
Crikey, I hope I lost those Gentleman points because my opponent forgot to fill in the bit on the paper! I had four thoroughly enjoyable games, there were no arguments or anything from where I was standing... that's a bit disconcerting. :(
It usually says in the Mongoose tournament pack that if it doesn't get filled in it gets defaulted to the middling score.
Tourney's I've been at they chase up for a ruling. But you could be right, MSprange was pretty much ruinning it on his own yesterday.

And his real name almost sounds like Harry :lol:

A Spaceballs HP crossover

Voldemort : "You fools, this isn't Harry, you've captured his stunt double"
(Camera cuts to Reborn)


Nae Beard (Wing Commander said:
The Drakh came 2nd! Cool, out of interest, what ship choices did the Drakh fleet consist of?
My fleet was:
4 x Light Cruiser
1 x Heavy Raider
2 x Scout
I'll post a slightly more detailed review later in the day but suffice to say it was a good fleet that did well and all that stopped me winning all four games was a very short first game (not that I'm saying I would have definitely beaten Greg, more that the result either way would have been more decisive).
I've been using most Raider based fleets, the Light Cruiser does seem like a solid ship though. The PL split also benefits with the Hvy Raider & 2 scouts. I reckon the Drakh scout to be 1 of the best around.
I may try out the Light Cruiser combo a little more, see how I get on with it.