World Builder Challenge


Cosmic Mongoose
So I love the World builders handbook. That said the orbital mechanics are a bit more than my brain wants to handle most of the time. So the challenge is for a excel spreadsheet that you can enter the sun/s type how close to each other (Close, Near, Far, Companion) and have the spreadsheet fill in the rest of orbits that way I can pick a body and replace it with the main system planet. This would be a great tool
How is this going? I'm in the same boat, started to try to figure out how to implement this in Google Sheets but have fingers crossed that someone else already has done it....
Basic layout and query's are done, still working on 1 or 2 additional features to make life easier, after that there is the process of expanding it out to generate a full system and then the joy of testing and user experience.

What I really need to do is block of several hours of free time and avoid the temptation to create a sector creating spreadsheet again.

Current estimate for the initial version will be 1 to 2 weekends with it definitely being available by the end of the month. The additional ideas for creating the full system details would be some unknown time in the future.