Index to all rules

Mongoose Si

With so many B5 books out now (not that I'm complaining), a question I have begun to ask myself a lot (yes, I do talk to myself) is "now... which book was that in?" .

I was just wondering if anyone has put together a list of what rules are in which book? This is mainly for prestige classes, feats, equipment etc.

If such a list does not exist, I was contemplating doing an online version where people could search and/or add to (a bit like a wiki). The rules/info would not be inlcuded, it would just be the name with a book and page reference. It would be broken down in to categories (feats, classes, equipment etc.) to aid searching.

Would this be of use to anyone else? (or am I the only one here with a bad memory?) And if so would anyone help populating the database ;)

Your thoughts & opinions would be welcome...
I have made a list of around 14 pages which contains skills, feats, prestige classes, general info etc. I can send it to you if you want to.
a B5 Master Index would be quite good though. I keep thinking I might start in on one, but RL gets in the way too often :(