If Heaven is Norwich, hell is...



Sorry it's been so long that I needed something eye catching for the title!

Been playing a bit too much Neverwinter, but it got me curious how hard would it be to set some of that for a Legend game?

Start off on the beach after their ship is wrecked.
They need to reach the dubious safety of the nearest settlement which is currently beseiged.
Undead are all over the place along with other adversaries and the only way requires they find a way into the catacombs beneath the city and reach somewhere inside the city they can recover and not be killed or arrested in the process!

Would that work in your opinion?

I know nothing says they can't head away from the place, but with undead and God knows what else outside with them would they risk no place of safety over somewhere that's clearly hasn't fallen yet?
I don't know anything about Neverwinter, but that premise would work.

the PCs are shipwrecked and attacked by small groups of undead. They see a city in the distance and probably head towards it for safety.

Works for me.