Humanoid Resources Dept. 2nd Edition!


Cosmic Mongoose
I'm pleased to announce the completion of the Humanoid Resources Dept. 2nd Edition!

All five volumes of Humanoid Resources Dept. pre-rolled character/NPC supplements have been redesigned and edited for easier reading.

  • Larger Font - easier to read
  • Abbreviation Key - customized for each table, saves on space
  • Color-coded - easily find the number of career terms and character age
  • Edited for Accuracy - typos found and fixed
  • Easy To Read Format - shaded table entries and variable text style makes finding info easier than ever
  • Name Changed - supplement contents are now clearer
If you already own a copy of any volume 1-5 you will automatically find the update in your library at both and DriveThruRPG.



Frank Succardi