How you'd rate this character


I decided to generate a character using The Traveller Companion Rule's up to the end of his 1st term, it was purely luck and I want to know how'd you rate him

Took Developed World Background Package which netted him +1 Edu, Cr 10,000, A TL 10 Portable Computer and The Skills Admin /1 or +3, Advocate /0 or +2, Art /0 or +2, Diplomat /0 or +2, Drive -wheeled /1 or +2, Flyer /0 or +1, Profession -Art Dealer /1 or +3, Science -Biology /1 or +3 and Streetwise /0 or +2 and rolled 4D6 and took the 2 highest for Int, Edu, SS and Dex and just 2D6 for Str and End and netted Str 6, End 6, Dex 9, Int 9, Edu 11+1 or 12 and SS 12

Also forgot to mention that he was generated from/using The Full Preview of The Traveller Companion. Sorry