How shall my tomes arrive,worms?



A vision of glorious chaos and ecstasy has been sent to me from Naar himself and he has ordered me to purchase the blasphemous works known as "The Lonewolf RPG" and "The Darklands" ( surely some traitor shall spend eternity searching the Daziarn for the shreds of his soul for revealing the secrets of my dread realm!) :evil:
These have duly been ordered from Mongoose Publishing to further my nefarious plans for fun on a saturday night. It's all falling into place, Bwah,Ha,Ha,Ha!
My enquiry, worms is to how my glorious purchases shall be packaged when they are sent to me. I took note that I had only been charged the paltry sum of Thirteen American Crowns for shipping to Australia (the greatest Darkland of all! :D ) Do they wrap these books in cardboard, armour them with bubblewrap?, or are they sent into the world naked to suffer at the hands of the book mangling sadists known as the POSTAL SERVICE!!! :x
If one of you worthless maggots who has ordered from Mongoose before could enlighten me as to how books are packaged and in what condition they arrive it would be much appreciated. You may even be spared when all of Aon is mine.I am nothing if not magnanimous!
For surely if my tomes are damaged in shipping I shall desend on Mongoose hall with my Giak hordes and many are the rpg hacks who shall perish on my blue-flamed blade. :wink:
and I thought I was a fanboy...

aren't we getting a little over-zealous in this...? Just a bit?
Um... at any rate, Most everyone I know pre-ordered from Everything around here ships through the Postal Service via Media Mail packaging. Then again, I'm just a fanboy who states a lot of stuff. I like to say it a few times if it's worth while.

A little over-anxious to get your book, aren't we?
Wait... did I...
ah, frel....

*looks at author's name, remembers Claws of Helgedad novel*

Look who's talking ... :wink: :D


Short disclaimer: Okay, I do not really care for the explanation of Zagarna's origins given in that novel, but I just couldn't resist here ... *g*

Addendum: Don't know that novel? *Spoiler*: The lesser godling Alyss was accompanied by a dustworm called Garna (found him in the Wildlands) when she traveled to the point in time where Aon was created by Ishir and Naar. They were allowed to return to Magnamund, but Naar claimed Garna as his future servant and transformed him into a certain Darklord ... *End of Spoiler*