how is your slaine campain doing?

toothill man

how are groups doing with the horned god campain remember alot of people were using it and was wondering how far they have our group has now finished it and on a home brew setting with new first level warriors they and my self seem too enjoy slaine far more than any other how is it going?
Its due to get going properly very soon... Now I have the extra couple of players I need...... Played a couple of one offs...

Going to start with the Horned God series I think....
haven't started yet as i don't have a large enough group of players yet...sofar i have 3-4 who want to play but i don't know if that's going to cut it^^
I usually play in small groups (3 to 5 including GM), because they're easier to manage in our ever time-hungry post modern society... :roll:
In my experience, very large groups are problematic since they tend to split in subgroups and then try to deal with that as a GM, all the while keeping it interesting for the other players. Gets messy pretty fast usually. :evil:
Almost everyone wants to be a spell caster.... I swear if I wasn't playing in most games they'd be not out and out fighters...

poncy bloody gamers :twisted:
I find that most players go for non spell casters in slaine. I think this is because the magic is less showy than DnD where they can hurl fireballs at opponents :?:
The magic less showy?Hell what could be more showy than calling on a flock of crows to peck out the eyeballs of your opponents or beguiling the same ppl over and over again as to increase your grasp on them...True it is no lance of disruption or gate but think about how u would call the flock of crows and tell me it's not showy
found that the warriors were so much fun no one was bothered with spellcasters but thats how they are :roll:
Well I'm in the process of writing something and then toss my players into it mind you I was thinking of picking up The Invulnerable King,Teeth of the Moon Sow, The Ragnarok Book and Way of the Horned God. These are the only books I don't have and was wondering if they are worth it?

Only reason I didn't get them was because my players are not always up for capaign books however I would really like to get them at some point.
the campain works very well but did find that for higher levels knowing the comic line is a great help,also give a few adventures before starting or some of the first book can be hard.Is the series worth it? I think so as it gives more details,monsters and myths too for the land even if you pick it up just too take apart it is worth it.for example the ragnarok book section could be used by another tribe giving the druids warning of the plot,my favourite was the quest for the silver sword real high celtic fantasy but as per normal the final choice is yours 8)
yeah I will end up getting them for source material however I wasnt sure what was in them since my FLGS doesn't really carry the books to take a look at so I have to order them. And I was going to pick them up at some point but figured I would get everyones opinion on these books.

Good to know and I will end up ordering these books soon. I just have some other stuff to pick up from the gaming store I frequent first. :D
its a con as the newer versions include volume 3 (check in the frount of the book :evil: )but did also get demon killer which is brilliant :twisted: