hopper bug and converted exo trooper


heres my converted hopper bug and a exo conversion made of only GW parts.


Wow. Great painting on the hopper, I love the wings also. As for the exo, I normally don't like conversions from the Evil Empire but damn that's a good one. It has a great gritty feel to it, I adore your work on the sixgun, the thermic lance under the arm is a nice touch. I think if it didn't have its chest eagle this would be my favorite MI conversion. Keep up the good work, any chance of pics from other angles and or a tutorial on them?
This is genius. Damn we have some creative people here. You gotta tell us what you used for the wopper wings, cuz I'm planning on kitbashing a ton of them from Warriors, a la that one comversion.

Also, bits used on the MI?

the wings are just plastic from a blister pack, a warmachine model to be exact. the veins are scribbed with a dental tool. i gave a real light misting of dullcoat to give the hazy effect and mounted em with 2part clear epoxy.

the Mi is mostly a plastic terminator body with strombolter magazines for the y-rack and a jump pack for, well, a jumppack. a piece of plasticard for the cod piece, a marine shoulderpad for the head (bottom of head is scratchbuilt with plastic rod bitz. cut off the chain part of the chainfist and replaced it with a drilled out imperialguard missle for the 'lance' and the sixgun was cobbled together from an vehicles stormbolter, and assault cannon, and an orks shoota ammo drum.

sorry i was to lazy to redo the chest...
next time.
Extremely neat, and since it's termie based the size is all right. Truly a veteran exo <thumbs-up>
very kool man . the hopper loos great . the exo helmet looks cool . i only thing i would have done differnt would be to remove the imperial eagle!
Oh goodness me... These are some excellent models, full thumbs up!

The paintjob on both of them is some truly brilliant stuff and the colourchoices, though safe on the first glance obviously very well thought out, my personal favourite bieng the hoppers colourgradiants and the reflective carapace effect rendered very well...

On the Exo, brilliant as it is I would of suggested further minor conversions to take away the obvious base of a terminator, the removal of all but painted insignia being the first, being the chesteagle as it is very recognizable symbol and feature.

Otherwise excellent job and I must personally thank you for upping the painting standards of the board. I will be looking forward to your future posts as well!
I love that exosuit! It seems so real great stuff. I even think the chest eagles are great because it is very close looking to the MI symbol, and could just be his unit. This is top notch work. Where did you get the idea for the head it looks familiar?